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Learning can be a challenge for so many bright students. When you’re a parent of one of these children, all you want to do is help them and make life a little easier.

As it turns out, volunteering with a nonprofit like Youthlinc can do wonders for their self-esteem and abilities, but there are few other hacks you should also know about. Including the ones below.

Virtual Learning Opportunities

There’s no question that kids and teens love screens! While their favorite tech gets a bad rap, there are so many effective and positive ways for struggling students to use tech to their advantage. First of all, you’ll need a quality connection to ensure your kids can explore all of the educational tools available to them. Depending on where you live, you may be able to access the lightning-fast 5G Ultra Wideband for learning and gaming. Then, you’ll need the right tech.

Laptops vs. Tablets for Kids

With your home connected to reliable and fast internet, the next step is to decide whether a tablet or laptop will be best for your children to learn outside of school. Some specifics to consider when making your selection include screen size, portability, and the operating system. You may also want to check in with your kids’ school to see what they recommend. Another option is to look for a device that combines the best of both worlds into a single gadget.

Games, Videos, and More

So, how can your kids supplement their education with all of this new tech? The possibilities are truly endless! If they love playing video games, for instance, there are countless brain-boosting games they can play online. You might even recognize a few classics from your own childhood, like Oregon Trail and the slightly tweaked Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?. That means you could even play with your kids for a big dose of learning and a bit of nostalgia. In addition to games, your kids and teens can also learn at home by watching their favorite show.

Pros and Cons of Screens

The bottom line is that screens aren’t actually that bad so long as your kids are interacting with quality content. While you don’t want your kids to sit all day and stare at screens, if a little extra screen time each day helps them overcome learning obstacles, it’s totally okay! It’s also fine if allowing your kids to use screens is the best option for keeping them busy while you work from home. As long as you make some of that time educational, you don’t have to feel guilty.

Tutoring Services

Sometimes what your kids really may need is a little extra help outside of the classroom. It would be amazing if you could simply bring their teachers home for this, right? Thankfully, there is an accessible and affordable alternative, which is to find a tutor to spend some dedicated time with your struggling students. Look into online options, to get even more out of their new tech. There are several virtual tutoring services to choose from, so be sure to compare each one.

Hands-On Learning

Tutoring is fantastic but your kids may also need a healthy boost of confidence to overcome their struggles in the classroom. Volunteering and helping out in the community is such an amazing way to help them get a healthy dose of self-esteem! Volunteer work can also help kids and teens with other common struggles while improving the lives of others in need. If you’d like to explore one option for helping teens become a confident humanitarian, check out Youthlinc.

Supplementing struggling students’ education has never been easier. You can use their love of tech to enhance their learning abilities, but tutoring and volunteering can also be beneficial. If you really want to boost their self-esteem and abilities in the classroom, try a combination of both! Look for volunteer opportunities with programs like the ones offered by Youthlinc, where they can help others in need while learning valuable life skills and lessons.

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