This Impact Report gives a general overview of the 2021-22 Real Life Program year. It includes locations
and demographic served, activities, and quantitative data. A final report with all our financial and
assessment data will be completed in June of this year.


  • 400+ refugee teens in the Salt Lake area.
  • 100% low-middle income families, 95% of whom qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch.
  • 85% are Limited English Proficient (32+ different languages spoken)
  • 38% male, 62% female.


Youthlinc is an organization that believes that partnerships are the best way to make our community impact as meaningful and robust as possible. We are so thankful to our partners and all the work that they do to make our program possible!


Before the Service Year began Real Life interns were trained in classroom management, volunteer management, and lesson planning. The interns used these skills to oversee the everyday aspects associated with Real Life at each of their individual sites.

It is the Real Life Interns’ responsibility to ensure that programming runs smoothly each day. They learn to anticipate the needs of their site and work to facilitate lessons in a way that is cohesive with the site’s personality and structure, while empowering the refugee teens and volunteers to take ownership of their
various roles.

Through assistance from the Real Life Director and experience, Interns learned best practices for each of their individual sites when it came to lesson facilitation and delegation. As the year progressed, Interns became more knowledgeable about their sites giving them the ability to use the strengths of their
volunteers as well as the local teens to ensure that programming was a success. Real Life gave them the opportunities to expand on their leadership skills and learn to run a positive and successful program.

  • Total Real Life Intern hours served: 1,704
  • Total Real Life volunteer hours served: 2,782

“Being able to return as an intern to the same Real Life site I volunteered at in high school has shown me so much. Seeing firthand the students I used to volunteer with growing up and excelling in their schoolwork and engaging in the lessons has been one of the most rewarding things. From helping the quieter students with homework and participating in the lessons and now seeing them ask for help on their own has been so meaningful.I also love seeing volunteers return and the ways they keep the connections they have had with students in past years has been amazing. I am so excited to continue with this program in the years to come!”
-Grace Humeniuk, Real Life Intern (2020-Present)

“As a daughter of refugee parents, I wanted to further my understanding of the resources offered within the community and the obstacles that are faced by the younger refugee population of Utah. Being able to interact with students and understand them on a more personal level has been an eye-opening experience and I hope to learn more throughout my years with the program!”
-Kathy Tran, Past Real Life Intern (2019-2021)



Real Life lessons and activities range from Financial Literacy, English Language Development, Life Skills, Healthy Relationships, College Readiness, Music Therapy, STEM, Community Outreach and Engagement. 


Thank you to all of our 2021-2022 Donors. 

A Wrap of Real Life
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