By Jerika Mays

You are part of a vibrant network of humanitarians. Since 1999, over 3,750 students and 1,000 mentors have participated in our Service Year program. A total of 124 teams have traveled with us to Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Nepal, Madagascar, and Fiji. We have made an impact in our local and global communities. 

Together, we have been relied-upon volunteers, contributing over 300,000 hours of local service right here in Utah. When we finally arrived in-country, we didn’t stop there. We rolled up our sleeves and put on our work gloves to move bricks and mix concrete alongside the villagers who became our friends. We prepared and taught English/STEM and community health lessons only to be inspired by the students’ passion for learning. We were amazed as groups of women and men learned how to sew, plant square foot gardens, or discover how to use a computer for the very first time. We were humbled as villagers welcomed us into their homes and shared stories that still touch our hearts today. We’ve done all this and so much more. 

Whether you went on a trip or supported someone on their Youthlinc journey, this is your story. This is our story. We are part of a community of people who have shared experiences of what it means to value ‘service’ as a way of being and living. That is why we created a way for us to connect as Youthlincers and share the stories that will inspire us to do more. We are proud to announce our monthly newsletter, The Youthlincer–Connecting Lifetime Humanitarians. 

  • See updates from all of our programs: The Service Year, Real Life, Young Humanitarian Award, Local Service Directory, and Global Community Leadership

  • Stay up-to-date on our Capital Campaign and our new building in Murray.

  • Check out our monthly ‘Spotlight’ to hear all about the cool things our alumni, staff, board, parents, and in-country coordinators are doing now. 

  • Read our ‘Impact Review’ to hear updates on past projects and how they are still benefiting communities here in Utah and abroad.

  • Look at our ‘Donor Profile’ which will highlight someone who has made a lasting impact on the organization through philanthropic giving. 

  • Read historic Youthlinc blogs which will be available in our new archive. 

Do you have a story that you want to share? Click here to tell us all about it! You might even be asked to be a contributor to the newsletter! We can’t wait to connect Youthlincers together so be sure to check your inbox for our monthly newsletter the first Sunday of every month. Thanks for being part of a vibrant network of everyday people on their path to becoming lifetime humanitarians. 


The Youthlincer Team

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Announcing… The Youthlincer – Connecting Lifetime Humanitarians
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