By Jackie Moynihan, Real Life Director


Stay home. Social distance. Wash your hands. Flatten the curve. 


As global citizens, it is our responsibility to protect each other. Not everyone has the luxury of staying home, especially those on the frontline working diligently against the coronavirus, but we should all be doing what we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing.


Limiting our contact with others does not mean we should forget about our family, friends, neighbors, community, or humanity. In fact, with all of the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, we need each other now more than ever. This loss of normalcy and stability in our lives is without a doubt having serious communal and personal implications, but we can be a positive force for good.


So many people and organizations are continuing to promote human welfare and there are plenty of ways you can stay involved too. Check out this list of ideas and resources the Youthlinc staff put together to help others during these unprecedented times. 


Stay in touch.


Assist the most vulnerable in your community.


Support the people and organizations still operating.

  • Write notes to community helpers ( hospital staff, police officers, firefighters, etc.)

  • Send thank-you notes to individuals who work in grocery stores, or other essential businesses.

  • Email a teacher who is working hard to maintain quality education.

  • Make Dolls of Hope for children in refugee camps and crises.

  • Make quilts or blankets, fleece blankets, or receiving blankets.

  • Donate to a local food pantry.


Help at home (for youth)

  • Make dinner once a week. Especially if your parents are working from home. 

  • Help younger siblings with school work and digital learning.

  • Help with laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc.

  • Help a younger sibling or neighbor learn something new.

  • Read to your siblings, or over FaceTime to an extended family member.

  • Pick up trash in a local park, school, or on a walk.

  • Walk your neighbor’s dog.

  • Check out how Youthlinc students are helping from home.


Other Resources

Be a humanitarian while social distancing
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