By: Joji Raqio

As a teacher at Mataso Primary School here in the Fiji Islands we were fortunate to have formed a wonderful relationship with this amazing organization. They first came to our school in 2018 and we have been blessed beyond measure through our interaction. The different groups that have made the long journey to our shores have had an enormous impact on the lives of our students.

The school now has about 40 laptops which Youthlinc donated and so much school supplies that we are still currently using in school. The teaching resources that were used by the Youthlinc group members to teach our students were amazing and they incredibly left them in school for the students and teachers to use once they had finished using them for their classes. We now have stuff like ukuleles, recorders, balls for every kind of sports and so much more.

Last year’s team also set up a school intranet and a state of the art storage system where information could be backed up and stored. One of the members responsible for this, Sylvia and her husband Frank, in fact took a special trip to Fiji in February 2020 just to set it up which was really incredible.

Our students have loved their interaction with the team members and have learned so much and they were so looking forward to this year’s experience but unfortunately due to the COVID19 pandemic that will not be possible. But let’s just say that we will forever be grateful to the Youthlinc organization for coming to our school and having an enormous impact on the lives of our students. We wish you nothing but the very best in life. Stay safe and stay blessed. Vinaka vakalevu YouthLinc. ❤

Checking in with Joji from Fiji
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