Henry Hallock, a member of our Cuba GCL team, wrote this incredible article on Substack of his experience. Read a quick excerpt below and click here to read the full article!

“Time has both flown and stood still. It’s crazy to think that I am already nearing the end. I have loved the people of Cuba even if I haven’t always been a fan of the air conditioning conditions. It hurts me to see so many suffer at the hands of indifferent politicians and policies from a Cold War that died a long time ago. It makes me question, did the Castro revolution address social change as promised? Or were the floorboards simply replaced over a tell-tale heart beating with greed and corruption still heard throughout the island? And how loudly does that heart beat in our own nation?”

I thought by the end of my trip to Cuba, my questions regarding the island would be answered. However, by the last day, I found myself with even more questions than I began with. Throughout my trip, I slowly began to comprehend that the lens through which I viewed Cuba was an outdated one. If I really wanted to understand Cuba and especially Cubans, I would have to set my Cold War looking glasses aside and expand my scope. 

Cuba My Brother, America My Mother – Henry Hallock
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