This month Youthlinc would like to honor and thank the Sorenson Legacy Foundation.  Sorenson Legacy Foundation is a Salt Lake City based 501(c )(3) whose mission is “to improve the lives of others and the world in which we live.”  The focus areas of Sorenson Legacy Foundation include: education, innovation, healthcare and community development.

The emphasis Sorenson Legacy Foundation has in providing “at risk” youth alternatives to gangs, crime and socially nonproductive behavior made our partnership a perfect fit.  Sorenson Legacy Foundation is a three-year supporter of the Real Life program.  Their generous donations have helped provide programming to hundreds of refugees, immigrant and low socio-economic youth in the Salt Lake area.  They have been instrumental in the Real Life program’s focus on job and college readiness and the arts. 

James LeVoy Sorenson (1921–2008) Beverley Taylor Sorenson (1924–2013)

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation was created by the late James LeVoy Sorenson and his wife, Beverley Taylor Sorenson.  James LeVoy Sorenson was a biotechnology pioneer and entrepreneur. He holds 60 patents which include many medical inventions such as disposable surgical masks and disposable venous catheters.

Beverly Taylor Sorenson was a teacher and notable educational philanthropist. She was instrumental with legislation that helped integrate arts into elementary schools in Utah. The state honored her in this effort by naming the program, The Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program.  The Foundation continues to support the development of art studies.

The Sorenson Legacy Foundation has made a huge influence in our world.  We would like to give a big THANK YOU for the impact they have provided to the Real Life program. 

Donor Profile: Sorenson Legacy Foundation
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