As many of you saw from the incredible videos that were shared on our social media, you saw that our Giving Tuesday campaign “Goof on the Greats” was an absolute success. Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to donating to non-profit organizations (surprise, that’s us!). As a non-profit, the reason we are able to do anything is because of our amazing donors. Our intention was to create a space for anyone and everyone to be involved. It seems there’s this idea around donating to non-profits that only “big name donors” donate, or that you have to donate in large quantities. I think the beauty of the Youthlinc community is that there’s no restrictions, no way you have to be, and no one way to show up. There’s an incredible amount of power in getting to show up as you are and do what you can. That truly showed in this years Goof on the Greats Giving Tuesday Campaign. 

With our goal being donor based rather than amount based, we were able to see and AMAZING amount of donors and hit our goal of 200!! We had a range of $1 donations all the way up to $600! At the end of the campaign we were able to raise over $5,000! Do you know how incredible of an accomplishment that is?! It was a day filled with so many laughs as we got to watch dances, karaoke, getting “ken-ified”, ice bucket, and SO many more! We are so grateful for all the amounts that were donated. We hope our community feels and understands how impactful every single donation is. It was such a fun day filled with laughs, unity, and an uplifting knowing that there are so many beautiful people willing to do so much. Thank you for all your contributions and for supporting us here at Youthinc!! 

Goof on the Greats 2023
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