Fundraising can often feel overwhelming, but the key is that you just start in some way shape or form. Find something that you have to offer and start to promote it to friends and family. This can be providing piano lessons, mowing lawns, or selling chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s day.


Fundraising is an effective way to help offset the costs of your international experience. It is also an important way to gain leadership experience by rallying support for a good cause. Over the years, 60% of our students and Mentors have been successful in raising all or most of their trips costs through family, friends, neighbors, teachers – people who are proud of your commitment to service. Here are some suggestions as you raise funds:

  1. Learn how to use the four most powerful words: CAN YOU HELP ME? You will be surprised how many people are willing to support youth as they do local & international service, and work towards being a lifetime humanitarian. But before you ask for help, you need to be able to answer a few key questions:
    1. What are you doing and why? (Research our website for what you’ll be doing, then be genuine in explaining why you want to do these things. How will this experience enhance your leadership skills, give you an opportunity to help others, or improve your life?)
    2. How will their support help you accomplish your goal? How will their support help them accomplish their goals? This is often the hardest, yet most important question to answer. If you can, be specific: “As a church leader, you hope to promote good-will in our local community. Youthlinc will give me the opportunity to serve locally…”
  2. Get out there. When looking for support, be outgoing. Ask friends & family, ask people at church, ask your teachers and classmates, ask a local politician, write an article for a local newspaper, ask friends on Facebook. JUST ASK. You will fail 100% of the times you don’t try.
  3. Be persistent. After asking someone for help, follow up and remind them that their support means a lot to you. This demonstrates your dedication, and oftentimes is just what is needed in gaining support.
  4. Do your research. There are dozens of websites that offer hundreds of ways to raise money. Here are just a few websites that we’ve looked at:
  5. Be enthusiastic and have fun. The more exciting and memorable your fundraising activity—the more people will acknowledge your dedication, and will want to support you.
  6. Show your gratitude! Regardless if you get donations or not, let folks know you appreciate their support. And for goodness sake, send donors thank you notes!
  7. Just do it! The only way to be successful at fundraising is to do it. Be persistent but very grateful. You are doing good things, locally and internationally. Be proud of yourself.
Guide to Fundraising
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