By: Shannon Moss

Behind every good project is a really great design team. Youthlinc has an incredible design team that has carefully thought out every intricate detail of our new community center. Even the design of our new building is symbolic of the Youthlinc core values. We are so appreciative of our design team and want to introduce the larger Youthlinc community to this amazing team!


The unique design of the Youthlinc Community Center was created by Brian Hebdon of Hebdon Studios. Hebdon Studios is a small architectural firm predicated on the idea that the client comes first. Hebdon Studios believes that each project must consider material relationships, space making, the use of natural day lighting, and meticulous attention to detail. Each of these features are carefully composed around the client’s personality, values, identity, and creativity. By doing this with the client, they can craft the human experience and frame complex circumstances into subtle and beautiful moments. 


This framework is apparent in the design of the Youthlinc Community Center. As Brian was brainstorming ideas of building design and listening to our vision- he developed the concept that the community center would be built with a “Youthlinc Foundation”-. This foundation would include offices on the bottom level, supporting the upper level community space. On the exterior of the building are four predominant features that physically connect the Youthlinc Foundation with the upper Community Center. These four features are symbolic of Youthlinc’s core values: leadership, learning, service, and mentoring. These values, and the Youthlinc Foundation, link together to raise the community to a better place. 


Hebdon Studios commitment to enhance and protect both the cultural and natural environments of the communities is at the center of their core values. Hebdon Studios views the creation of ecologically responsive design as a stewardship that isn’t to be taken lightly. They promote community engagement and interaction., Hebdon Studios values those who give back to our communities and want to work along side those who lift our cities to a higher standard.


Outside of their work on the Youthlinc building, Hebdon Studios gives back to the community in a few different avenues including ONEPLUS, World VIsion, and partnering with various organizations to create quality, affordable housing opportunities to neighborhoods in need. 


In his free time, you can find Brian spending time with the love of his life, Andrea, and his four children, helping in his local church, or fishing when he can slip it in. 


We are grateful to Brian for sharing his incredible talents with us. He has put his heart and soul into creating our new Youthlinc Community Center. Thank you Brian! 

Hebdon Studios – Youthlinc Community Center
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