We are excited to invite you to join us in Mongolia for the first time in summer 2021. Mongolia is a place of adventure, where you can experience firsthand rich nomadic culture and beautiful untouched landscapes. Our Mongolia 2021 Service Year team will be opening this new destination and partnership in Nalaikh, Mongolia. Nalaikh is located just 40 km southeast of Ulaanbaatar. As the world’s most sparsely populated country, you don’t have to travel very far to find rural and nomadic communities.  

Our Team will be traveling to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on June 21st and returning July 5th, 2021. Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar, they will spend a day exploring the capital. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the Genghis Khan Equestrian statue and Aryapala temple and meditation center.   


Traveling to Nalaikh will only take about 2 hours and once you arrive you will settle into your new home for the next 2 weeks, a traditional Mongolian Ger. The Mongolian Ger (pronounced ‘gaire’) is a traditional felt tent for nomadic herders. These structures are made up of a latticed wood structure that is then covered with various layers of felt and canvas. Ger’s are typically heated by a wood stove and decorated with colorful textiles and beautifully painted wood furniture. Youthlinc will be staying at a ger camp just outside of Nalaikh for the duration of the trip. This is the ultimate nomadic experience, but don’t worry you will still have access to running water, restroom facilities, and showers on site. 

You will also enjoy 3 hot meals a day. Traditional Mongolian food consists of dairy products, meat, and animal fats. Some of the most common dishes are mutton- Mongolian sheep and Buuz- steamed meat dumplings. Mongolian food is very simple and contains very little spices. You will have the chance to try out traditional meals and be adventurous, while also having the option to eat something a little more familiar.  


A typical day for our team in Mongolia will be a wakeup call at 7:00 am to get you ready for the day, followed by breakfast and a quick drive to the community we’ll be working with. No time is wasted and your team will jump right into projects with the community. Youthlinc has 6 core areas of focus for all of our projects, Business Development, Community Health, Cultural Exchange, Education, Environment, and Vocational training. The details for each of these projects are directed by our partners and community leadership. We are working with our new partners, New Milestone, and community leadership to solidify what projects your team will be doing.  Some examples of what we are hoping to accomplish in Mongolia are, repairing the local primary school building, insulating family Gers, holding a STEM and English camp for Primary and secondary school, Vocational and Business development seminars, and educational community health fairs. 


After morning projects are complete, New Milestone will prepare lunch in the community so we can take a quick break, eat lunch, and gear up for an afternoon of more projects.  

Around 5:00 pm the team will wrap up projects for the day and head back to the ger camp to enjoy a delicious hot Mongolian Dinner and cultural activities. After dinner you may find yourself learning a traditional dance, taking a language class from our translators, giving your best shot at Mongolian throat singing, or taking in the beautiful scenery of the landscape around you as you relax after a long day of work. 


We only have 2 weeks to accomplish all of our projects so that means the majority of the trip will be filled with work days dedicated to working side by side with the community on the projects that have been prepared. However, you will have a few days where we help you explore more of what Mongolia has to offer. We’ll set aside time for a day trip to Gorkhi Terelji national park and explore the surrounding areas on horseback. We’ll also have time to share in cultural activities with the local nomadic community and learn more about their traditions and the importance of keeping their culture and traditions alive.  

Join us now and help us build new bridges and shared experiences as we step foot in Mongolia, summer 2021.  




Join us as we explore Mongolia
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