$5000 Award Winner

Nida Taha

Nida Taha is from Sudan. Her family traveled from Sudan to Egypt before eventually coming to America. She is entering her Sophomore year at Columbia College studying Business: Innovations and Entrepreneurship. She was originally inspired to pursue entrepreneurship by her parents who both started their own businesses to help support her family. Nida believes that success is achievable through motivation and discipline. When she is not studying, Nida volunteers at the Sudanese Resource Center helping kids with homework and coordinating activities. She hopes to continue her education and also give back to her community.

$3000 Award Winner

Leila Abdul

Leila Abdul is from the Congo. She is a refugee from Rhino camp Arua. She has been in the United States for about two years. Leila and her sisters arrived in Utah with their aunt’s family in 2019. She is a Senior at Utah International Charter School. Next year, Leila plans to attend Salt Lake Community College and begin to complete the prerequisites to become a doctor. She hopes that as a doctor, she will be able to help others in her community to live a healthy and happy life. In her spare time, Leila plays basketball and soccer. She also volunteers as a community mentor at her school so that she can help other students to be successful.

$2000 Award Winner

Niraj Sanyasi

Niraj Sanyasi is from Nepal where he was raised in a Nepali refugee camp. His family came to the United States in 2011. He is currently studying at the University of Utah, majoring in Operation Supply Chain Management. Niraj hopes to someday create his own nonprofit and help to improve the quality of life for others. In his spare time, Niraj enjoys volunteering with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to benefit the refugee community. He is also involved in multiple clubs at the U including Refugees In Action, Farmtorship, Inclusivity In Business, SYE, and Intramural soccer.

$2000 Award Winner

Didier Byringiro

Didier Byiringiro is from Rwanda. Didier and his 7 siblings were raised in a Rwandan refugee camp before moving to the United States. He is currently a Senior at Utah International Charter School. Next year, he plans to attend Salt Lake Community College and study Mechanical Engineering. He hopes that through his education, he will be able to earn money to help those around him. In his free time, Didier likes to listen to music from various different countries and dance. He values his family and hard work.

$2000 Award Winner

Michael Okello

Michael Okello is from Kenya. He is a refugee from a Kenyan camp in Kakuma and he and his family have now been in the United States for about 12 years. Michael is currently Senior at Mountain Ridge High School. Over the past few years, Michael has developed a passion for building and understanding engineering concepts. He hopes to study Engineering next year when he starts college. He also hopes to one day become a millionaire. In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with his seven siblings and playing basketball.

$1000 Award Winner

Hay Soe

Hay Soe is from Burma. He is a student at the University of Utah studying Philosophy and Entrepreneurship. He hopes that one day he will be able to do something in Real Estate – potentially to help make housing more affordable and accessible for those low income families. Outside of school, Hay Soe is dedicated to serving others. Helping others helps him to feel happy. He is currently serving at the Hser Ner Moo Center and tutoring the students there. He hopes to be able to continue to make a positive impact on those around him in the future. When Hay Soe isn’t serving others or engaged in his schoolwork, you might find him reading, writing, listening to stories, camping, scouting, playing soccer, or fantasizing about world peace

$1000 Award Winner

Neh Meh

Neh Meh is from Thailand. She was born in a refugee camp and lived there for most of her life. She came to Utah 9 years ago with her family. Neh Meh is a business student at Ensign College and hopes that the skills she gains in college will help her to share her culture with the world through the Karenhi traditional clothing. It is her goal to someday manage her own clothing line. This has been her passion from a very young age. Neh Meh is also dedicated to serving others and has given much of her time to helping with community events. She is very driven to make a difference in the world.

$1000 Award Winner

Eto Missi

Eto Missi is from Tanzania. She was born and raised in a refugee camp there. She is now studying at Salt Lake Community College to become a nurse. From a very young age, Eto has dreamt of going to college and obtaining a degree so that she grow and be successful in life. She hopes that her devotion to her studies will one day help her to change the world. Outside of her schooling, Eto enjoys helping fellow refugees with their homework and translating English. Eto is also an accomplished singer and serves as her church choir instructor. This experience has helped her to learn how to lead others and build relationships. Eto values her family and is especially close to her twin sister, whom she refers to as her “built-in best friend.”

$1000 Award Winner

Yousuf Haidari

Yousuf Haidari is from Afghanistan. His family left Afghanistan and moved to Pakistan for two years before migrating to the United States. Yousuf is currently a Senior at Cottonwood High School and once he graduates, he plans to attend the Univeristy of Utah. He has a passion for robotics and the medical field which has led him to pursue a major in Biomedical Engineering while being enrolled in pre-med courses. Eventually, Yousuf hopes to become a doctor and help treat patients with untreated maladies in his community. Outside of his studies, Yousuf is the President of the National Honors Society, Captain of MESA, and the President of the Robotics Club at Cottonwood.

$1000 Award Winner

Lionel "Leo" Ntirandekura

Leo Ntirandekura is from Kenya. He lived in Kenya for eleven years at the Kakuma Refugee Camp before coming to America. He is currently a Senior at Herriman High School. Over the past year, Leo has developed a passion for Computer Programming and he hopes to study this once he attends college. Eventually, he would like to own his own business in computer programming. Leo is also a very ambitious soccer player. He plays for the Herriman High soccer team and hopes to move on to eventually play professional soccer.

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