It’s evident that scholarships are mostly offered to students who succeed in sports and academics, however, we are so happy to award these amazing students for their service and humanitarian efforts. For 19 years, we have been able to offer this incredible award to students that, out of the pureness of their hearts, strive to make this world a better place. Thanks to our amazing donors, The George S. and Dolores Dore Foundation, The Union Scholarships, and The Michel Foundation, this award has brought light to the impact of so many youth across Utah.

This year, we were able to award $32,000 in Scholarships! Through many applications, our judges awarded a top 5 for High School and top 5 for College students. For both High School and College, we had a winner, runner-up, and 3 finalists. After our interview process, these awards were given and we are so excited to announce the winners for this years award! Below, you’ll see the names and amount awarded for both High School and College. Congrats to all!


Bridgett Rodriguez Acero – University of Utah $1,500 Winner

Bridgett began her volunteering journey early on, by participating in Latinos in Action; where she tutored at Elementary and Junior Highs, interpreted at family schooling event, volunteered in food pantries, etc. Latinos in Action opened up her world to opportunities like Junior Achievement, AmeriCorps and Youthlinc. Bridgett has been involved in Youthlinc since 2020. She first got involved with the Real Life program while in high school and it soon became something she was passionate about. She continued her involvement in Youthlinc by volunteering another year in Real Life which then led into interning in 2022, 2023 and 2024. She joined the Service Year and traveled to Kenya and Peru; this upcoming year to Thailand as an ATL.

She’s currently attending Salt Lake Community College, majoring in Elementary Education with a teacher recruitment scholarship. Outside of community service, she enjoys hiking with her dachshund, Beans, traveling and collecting houseplants.

Kourtney Maughan – Brigham Young University $1,500 Winner

Kourtney is a student at Brigham Young University pursuing a major in Experience Design and Management and a minor in Global and Community Impact. She is employed by the Ballard Center for Social Impact as a Team Lead. She is constantly expanding her knowledge of effective social impact strategies and is passionate about making real, measurable impact in the world. Kourtney has been involved in many different service initiatives including the Somali American United Council, Tifie Humanitarian in the Dominican Republic, and Adaptive Show Choir where she currently serves as Executive Director. Kourtney’s dedication to serving individuals with disabilities started in high school, where she created lasting relationships with individuals with special needs, and volunteered with various organizations including the Sharing Down Syndrome Foundation. Her passion led her to join Adaptive Show Choir during her freshman year at BYU. Her dedicated leadership as Executive Director for the past year has launched the program from 50 individuals to over 200 active participants. Kourtney excels at creating impactful experiences for diverse audiences and finds deep fulfillment in her work with Adaptive Show Choir. Kourtney loves how service brings people together, breaks down barriers, and promotes inclusivity. In her free time, you’ll catch Kourtney spending time outside with friends and family, hiking, rock climbing or boating.

Raegan Rogers – Utah State University $1,500 Winner

Raegan Rogers is a dedicated advocate for service and humanitarian efforts who is committed to making a positive impact in communities worldwide. Currently pursuing studies at Utah State University’s Huntsman School of Business, she also serves as a Recruitment Ambassador, embodying her passion for both education and service. Raegan’s journey in service began with the establishment of the Warrior Food Pantry at Weber High School, where they addressed the issue of food insecurity through collaborative initiatives and locally-driven efforts. This not only provided immediate assistance but also fostered a culture of support and compassion within the area. Expanding her reach beyond the local community, Raegan has participated in humanitarian projects in Peru, Nepal, and Mexico. From installing water tanks to supporting vulnerable populations, Raegan has demonstrated a commitment to empowering individuals and fostering sustainable change. These experiences have reinforced her belief in the transformative power of service on both local and global scales. Currently, Raegan is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken areas through an internship with Small Enterprise Education Development (SEED) in the Philippines. Leveraging her business experience, she is committed to providing people with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive, fostering economic resilience, and sustainable development. Through her journey, Raegan continues to embody the belief that service is not just about giving; it’s about empowering others to create lasting change.

Ruby Vejar Stewart – Weber State University $4,000 Winner

Ruby Vejar Stewart is a first Generation student studying political science with a minor in legal studies. She believes that civic advocacy and community involvement is what creates a better world. In this pursuit for a better world Ruby has been part of many organizations and held many positions such as student Senator, UserveUtah College Council, USHEAN Student Advisory Board, UserveUtah Youth Commissioner, Campus Compact Newman Fellow, legislative Intern, Congress Intern and if you can believe it many more. Despite having a full schedule and studying full time she designates time to service because she knows how impactful it can be. Whether she serves on a Native American Reservation in South Dakota, Kenya, Scotland or close to home she makes sure she can learn from every community and work alongside them. Recently she was invited to speak about service at Utah Global Diplomacy Changemakers Symposium and with Governor Cox at the Why Service Matters Symposium. Through it all Ruby always follows two simple phrases that carry through her crazy schedule. “If it matters you make time.” And “Eyes Up Do the Work.”

Kate Lindsay – Brigham Young University $7,500 Winner

Kate Lindsay is studying Political Science: Global Development with a minor in Business at BYU. As a passionate supporter of refugees, Kate has worked with Tibetan refugees in Nepal, served as a Program Director for BYU Y-Serve Refugee, implemented technology solutions for Utah Valley Refugees, and interned for the global refugee nonprofit Their Story is Our Story in advocacy and fundraising. Her current capstone project focuses on how to economically empower and humanize refugees through storytelling. Additionally, Kate immersed herself in a Japanese cultural exchange, attended lectures at the University of Oxford, and consulted female entrepreneurs in India on how to improve their global supply chains. As the President of the Social Impact Association at BYU, she designed a Cotopaxi Case Competition with 16 teams and 52 students participating. Additionally, while serving as the Vice President of Philanthropy at BYU, she led the “Cougstival” and “Choose 2 Give” charitable efforts with over 5300+ students involved in service and giving. Also while in college, she briefly founded a social startup called “Sustainabowls”and was selected as a sponsored Delegate to the AFS-USA International Youth Day held at the United Nations. Outside of school, she loves pickleball, running, reading biographies, and finding the best boba. This summer, Kate will intern for the Utah-Moldova Business Partnership in Moldova and then study Mandarin Chinese at NTNU in Taiwan. After working in social impact for a few years, she hopes to gain a Masters in Global Affairs or an MBA with a concentration in social impact. Long-term, she hopes to work for the UNHCR or adjacent humanitarian nonprofits to facilitate global public-private partnerships.


Conrad Flake – Skyline High School $1,500 Winner

Conrad Flake is a senior at Skyline High School in Salt Lake City. He moved from Hong Kong to Utah when he was nine. He has played the piano for fifteen years and has performed around the world and the community. He especially loves teaching underserved youth free music lessons through the Harmony Hub. Conrad also enjoys triathlons; he qualified for Nationals and started his school’s triathlon club, where he helps train other students new to the sport. He aspires to change the healthcare field, either from a clinical or policy-making setting. He engages in both by being a part of the Kids Crew at Primary Children’s Hospital and by heading a subcommittee of the Utah Attorney General Youth Advisory Committee focused on crafting policy to reduce water contamination. In his free time, you can find him skiing, swimming, hiking, or playing with his dog.

Eliza Alley – Bountiful High School $1,500 Winner

Eliza is a senior at Bountiful High School where she has become enamored with serving as an officer, starting the poetry and a beverage club, creating pottery, and taking advantage of the high school experience. Outside of high school activities, she can be found playing pickleball, on a run, strumming the guitar, or cooking up a storm.

While in high school, Eliza has engaged herself in many of the service opportunities that surround her. Locally, she enjoys serving at the Bountiful Food Pantry, helping to assemble winter vests for the homeless, being the youth director of the Live Life Bigger Foundation Teen Team, and serving meals at the homeless shelter. She also enjoyed traveling abroad to India last summer to perform humanitarian work.

Eleanor Condie – Olympus High School $1,500 Winner

Eleanor Condie is currently a Junior at Olympus High School. I am passionate about the outdoors and love to do any environmental work I can! I’ve been volunteering for a few years now, and my most favorite places to serve would be the severe special education classroom at my school as well as the Highland Care Center for older folks! I get to plan all sorts of fun games and events to bring a little joy into the people’s lives I come across within these sites. I have fallen in love with service as I’ve come to know the power of human connection through all the amazing opportunities I’ve come across. My hope for the future is not to change the world but just the parts I touch- and I’m beyond excited to do so!

Sophie Hansen – Skyline High School $4,000 Winner

Sophie Hansen finds meaning and purpose through giving. She is a senior at Skyline High School and an active participant in Skyline’s Community of Caring class and club, which helps students make an impact in their school and community through service. She recently received the Joanie Daily Service Scholar Recognition by completing 600+ hours of service in the community, at school, and through a nonprofit internship. Sophie founded Project Shine, an organization designed to help teens seek and accomplish service while reaching their full potential. She gathers teens from 5 different schools to meet regularly for speakers, socials, and hometown service with a commitment to lasting influence. In the Spring of 2023, under Sophie’s direction, the Project Shine team traveled to California to volunteer in formal partnership with the Mission Home of Los Angeles on Skid Row. Project Shine donated 300+ Easter baskets and $700+ in hygiene products to families in crisis. Project Shine also engaged in micro service opportunities and distributed care kits to the unhoused and unhealthy on the streets of Downtown L.A. Sophie’s efforts are diverse. She worked with Habitat for Humanity in Hilo following a devastating volcanic eruption. In the summers, she donates her time and effort to Quickwater Ranch, a girls leadership and service camp in the Tetons. She also participates in the Policy Project and Period Project to help local girls have access to hygiene products. Her first call to give of herself was in the 1st Grade when she determined to donate her hair, and she’s done it several times since. For Sophie, service is ultimately about meeting needs for both givers and recipients through human-to-human connection. Sophie plans to study Business with an emphasis in Non-Profit Management.

Sahil Shah – The Waterford School $7,500 Winner

Sahil Shah is currently a junior at the Waterford School. He is the founder of SketchNF — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for children with Neurofibromatosis (NF) — a genetic disorder that affects Sahil as well. In SketchNF’s first event, Sahil auctioned off drawings created by members of the pediatric NF community and was able to raise $4000 for NF support organizations. Following this event, Sahil published a coloring book titled My Colorful Life with Neurofibromatosis, highlighting the unique, but true lives of kids with NF within the SketchNF community. He has been able to donate this to 30+ clinics nationwide, and hopes to continue increasing that number. Sahil also had the opportunity in February to go to Washington D.C and meet with legislators to advocate for $25 million in federal funding for NF research. In the end, Sahil hopes to ensure that no kid ever feels alone in their battle with NF.

We are so grateful for our donors who make this scholarship possible! You make the world a better place and we couldn’t do it without you!

Meet Our 2024 Young Humanitarian Scholarship Winners!
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