Journaling is a great keepsake for Youthlincers during their local or international service.

This sticker pack is a great way for them to show their Youthlinc experience!

This multi language “SERVE” tee shirt is a great symbol of our international service around the globe.  

They will definitely need a passport holder, bag tag, and waterbottle as they head out on their trip!

One of the essentials that would make a great gift!

Whether you’re team Tevas or team Chacos, sturdy sandals are a great addition to the list. 

Those long flights can be well… long. What better way to pass the time than to get comfy and take a nap. 

One of any Youthlincers greatest accomplishments is getting everything to fit in our bag. These may be our little secret. 

Don’t let the small stuff get all over your bag. Keep everything in one place with this toiletry bag. 

It’s so helpful to have a watch where the time zone can easily be adjusted. Then you will always know how many more minutes until lunch. 

Whether you’re headed to the humidity of Cambodia or the heat of Kenya, a quick-drying towel is a must!

Work gloves. Work gloves. Work gloves. Just trust us on this one…

Home base for money, phone, passport, and boarding pass while making your way through the airport. 

Polaroid pictures are such sweet ways to leave memories and take memories home from your service. 

If your Youthlincer is planning on going on a Youthlinc trip, they would greatly appreciate it!

Packing List for Youthlincers
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