By: Patti Monsoor

Community centers are crucial for creating a healthy, vibrant community. The social bonds that are created help build strong, safe, and inclusive communities, social interaction, volunteerism, and civic pride. Moreover, they can become a beacon of social responsibility. 

This is our push for purpose in the creation of the Youthlinc Community Center, located at 346 E 4500 S in Murray, Utah. 

Our new center is focused on being a beautiful, functional space where all of our impactful programming has plenty of room to grow. We will expand our after-school refugee and immigrant youth program, Real Life, to meet an all-time high demand. Open, airy spaces, easy access to services, and a bright, cheerful atmosphere are hallmarks of the new center. It will bring communities together and serve as an oasis of hope for our most precious resource — children and youth. 


The new center provides a firm foundation for the addition of a new curriculum, reaching more youth, and making a deeper impact. After-school programs are proven to deter at-risk youth from criminal activities and facilitate a constructive environment. Youthlinc knows the path out of danger and poverty can pass right through our front door. 

Our community center will be a convenient and fun opportunity for the community to stay fit. Physical activity is known to decrease the risk of disease, improve physical and mental well-being, lower the risk of injuries and premature death, and more. Youthlinc believes a healthy, active community is a happy one!

When fully realized, the new Community Center will include all of the following and ensure that the common ground areas are focused on inclusivity while fostering a culture of health, education, and well-being in the community we serve:

  • A computer lab for after-school programs and Real Life Center
  • A music room complete with instruments and volunteers who will share their talents through musical tutoring includes various instrument and voice/singing lessons
  • A catering kitchen
  • Basketball court and play area 
  • Community gardens and a “mountain view” deck 
  • Real Life offices 
  • Youthlinc staff offices 

Youthlinc is an ever-growing, ever-living community. Having one singular “home,” a place where we can gather to socialize and provide these opportunities, not only meets the growing needs of the community but changes the lives of refugees and the underserved of Utah forever! 

Our talented, selfless staff members, volunteers, and supporters who ensure everyone feel valued, emotionally secure, and unconditionally loved are the heart of Youthlinc.

For more information on how you can help build our new home, please contact Patti Monsoor at (650)454-6441 or email at

Pushing for Purpose
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