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Youthlinc works with our international partners to coordinate a variety of projects that address pillars of community development and growth. Through our partnerships, Youthlinc prepares educational lessons and resources that address needs in the following areas: Community Health, Ecological, Business Development, Vocational Training, Cultural Exchange, Education, and Infrastructure.

On Saturday, February 11th, we had our 8th annual Youthlinc-wide committee workshop at Rowland Hall Middle School. We are so grateful to our local partner Rowland Hall for donating a meeting space that makes it possible for 275 participants to gather and learn more about the work they can be a part of at their international site. Each month all of our teams meet individually, this is the one meeting a year we have the opportunity to all meet together and collaborate. Being able to have all of our participants together reminds us that we are a large group of community members, from all walks of life, with like-minded goals and focus on service and making a difference. Rowland Hall shares these same values and promotes a love for learning and challenges their student body to a way to make a difference in the world.

We are so grateful for all of our participants and presenters’ willingness to engage and spend an entire afternoon with us. This year we kicked off our meeting individual team meetings, where participants had a chance to receive their specific committee assignment and learn a little more about their committees, discuss local service, and review the monthly Life Academy Modules.

Next, we filled Rowland Hall’s auditorium to have a Youthlinc-wide segment to discuss upcoming service opportunities, policies, and procedures, Kick off our Annual BBBS Clothing Drive and discuss impact vs intent as it pertains to service and everyday actions.

Finally, we finished the afternoon with Committee specific training. This is only made possible by our lovely volunteers and Youthlinc Allstars: Scott Bawden, Karen Hansen, Henry Lachowski, Lori Nickerson, Jodie Moss, and Nathan Jones. Each of these wonderful representatives provided training, support, and guidance for each of our committees as they dive into the basic goals of their committee, potential projects, and what to expect moving forward. Planning committee projects takes a lot of time and dedication during and outside of team meetings. This workshop kicks off the beginning of the planning process and sets the foundation for the next 4 months.

Thank you to everyone who made this committee training the success it was! Special thanks to our staff who helped plan the meeting; our committee experts; and Rowland

Hall Middle School for providing such a great venue for the second year in a row. To learn more about Youthlinc’s committee work, click here.

Rowland Hall – Committee Workshop
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