It would be an understatement to say that in the past few months we’ve experienced some challenges to our established way of life. Our current situation has redefined many things we took for granted, and all of us are learning how to navigate what sometimes feels like a different world.


We have undergone many changes here at Youthlinc to accommodate these uncertainties, but our greatest challenge has been the changes we can’t control. Many of our students volunteering in care centers, hospitals, and after-school programs have been placed under temporary restrictions, or have had to stop volunteering altogether. We made the difficult decision to postpone our capstone trips, and with an uncertain future, we were faced with the challenge of finding additional meaningful and important service activities for our students at home in appropriate ways while we are expected to social distance. 


The pressures of this new way of life are felt by all of us. Many of us have found ourselves trying to balance school, work, and home life, a difficult task even before all of the new guidelines were set in place. However, as the situation continued to unfold, we saw so many of you rise to the occasion.


Due to the challenges and the courage of those around us, we have been inspired to launch a new program, Youthlinc@Home, a virtual service program. This program will connect volunteers with elementary-aged students virtually who will provide one-on-one tutoring, as well as fun and engaging activities such as art, cooking, dance, and science.


As humans we crave interaction and love creating bonds with those with whom we volunteer. The relationships we foster with those around us have made Youthlinc what it is today, and despite new rules and regulations surrounding our interactions with others, we do not want to give up creating and sustaining those meaningful connections. 


Part of Youthlinc’s core is the idea that making connections to others and developing relationships is essential to becoming a lifetime humanitarian and we are excited to continue that purpose.


Currently we are experimenting with different classes and scenarios to develop the best programming to meet the needs we see within the community. We have been encouraged with the successes we have seen thus far, and participants on both sides have enjoyed their experiences. We look forward to unveiling Youthlinc@Home in June. You can find more information or sign up to volunteer or take a class at

Serving through Technology, Youthlinc@Home
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