Hay Soe is a Karen refugee originally from Myanmar but grew up in Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand. Since being resettled, Hay Soe has been a part of Youthlinc’s Real Life program since 2010 at Hser Ner Moo Community Center. Since then, Hay Soe has been a part of Youthlinc first as a Real Life Intern at West High School, Cottonwood High School, and Hser Ner Moo Community Center. The kids call him Happy because he is HAPPY!

Hay Soe is passionate about serving his local community in Utah and the community back in Myanmar who still face ethnic cleansing. He believes nothing is more important to peace and prosperity than being human, and service is a great way to bring out the human within ourselves and those around us. He has been involved with organizations such as Bridging Border and New American Neighbor and is why Hay Soe is working at Youthlinc; be a part of organizations that bring out the human in each other. 

Hay Soe graduated from the University of Utah with his Bachelor’s Degrees in Philosophy and Social Entrepreneurship. Outside of Youthlinc, Hay Soe is working on building his social enterprise, Pax-Amare, off the ground to lift human spirits through Nature while alleviating poverty among the indigenous Karen Hilltribes of Thailand and Myanmar.

Staff Highlight – Hay-Soe
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