By: Shannon Moss

The team behind our new Youthlinc Community Center is remarkable. We are so grateful for the knowledge and skill they have shared with us as they look for not only our immediate needs but the long term needs of the Youthlinc community. 


Mechanical, electrical and lighting design, plumbing, fire protection and civil engineering designs for Youthlinc’s home campus were provided by VBFA’s multi-disciplinary engineering team. Headquartered in Murray, Utah, three additional branch offices and more than 49 years of dedicated experience, VBFA is recognized as one of the preeminent consulting engineering firms in the Intermountain West. With more than 120 employees spread between the four offices, VBFA sets itself apart with innovative, award-winning designs.


VBFA’s willingness to take on projects from the most challenging to the basic has become the hallmark of the firm. A commitment to “making a difference” with diverse projects and clients, and  constant exploration into new methods in efficiency and diversification explains the longevity of VBFA’s firm. By fostering a culture of learning, open communication and growth, and by looking “outside of the box” and displaying a willingness to take the extra steps to arrive at the best possible solution has positioned VBFA at the top of the industry.


VBFA’s team for the Youthlinc project was led by David Baranowski, P.E. for civil engineering designs, Don Bradshaw, P.E. for mechanical engineering designs and Lewis Wong, P.E. for electrical and lighting designs. The team included more than 10 professionals who were selected based on specific areas of expertise and were fortunate to contribute to the overall success of the project.


We are especially thankful for Dave Baranowski, a long time Youthlinc supporter and principal engineer at VBFA, for his work in helping navigate the complexities of building next to a flood plain. His understanding of each of the governmental agencies processes and ability to maneuver each request has been paramount in securing our building permits. We are incredibly grateful for his knowledge and willingness to share this knowledge with us. Thank you Dave and the whole VBFA team!

David Baranowski, P.E. for civil engineering designs

Don Bradshaw, P.E. for mechanical engineering designs

Lewis Wong, P.E. for electrical and lighting designs

VBFA – Youthlinc Community Center
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