Youthlinc would like to recognize and celebrate our second Young Leaders of the Americas Initivate (YLAI) fellow, Witchelle Charles.  Witchelle is a board member and the community service projects coordinator of Kids Connection Haiti (KCH).  She is committed to ensuring that KCH students are able to provide community services aimed to develop their leadership skills as young people.  

Witchelle has experience as a social worker and educator on citizenship. During her participation in the YLAI Professional Fellows Program, she is acquiring all the necessary resources and tools in order to develop strategies allowing KCH to have greatest social impact by setting up an expansion program.  

The Kids Connection Haiti (KCH) mission is to empower orphaned young adults in Haiti to become contributing, self-sufficient members within their communities through education, life skills training, community service, mentorship, and career development.

KCH was founded to help underprivileged young adults in Haiti by creating life-changing opportunities. Where lots of wonderful organizations help orphaned, abandoned and poor younger kids, many older ones -teenagers and young adults- have no way out of poverty. Focusing on post-orphanage services, KCH provides support for the next step in life. 

The key to Kids Connection Haiti’s success is their personal attention to each individual’s situation, character, and academic potential. In addition to schooling, they offer life skills, career development workshops, community service, internship, housing, food and health care to reach our ultimate objective: financial independence for orphaned young adults. 


We have immensely enjoyed working with Witchelle these past months and are excited to continue in partnership in the future. 

YLAI, Youthlinc, and Witchelle from Kids Connection Haiti
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