March 2020 Newsletter

March 2020, ISSUE 2

Why Everyone Needs to Volunteer

Every year hundreds of Youthlinc volunteers engage locally in supporting the homeless population, people with disabilities, the elderly, refugees, immigrants, youth, etc. and in doing so they realize the power of looking outside of themselves, which in turn helps them find a more solid sense of self and purpose. They see the resilience of others who suffer similarly or differently from them. They see the power of taking time to interact with another and how healing and supportive an act that is. They do this in their own neighborhoods first and then they go abroad and see the same thing in people who seem, at first, so different from them. Service makes us look outside ourselves and our own issues. Service invites us to consider the trials of others and exposes us to the attitudes and inherent value of others.


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How Promise South Salt Lake Shaped the History of Real Life

Real Life

Real Life is an after-school tutoring and life skills peer mentoring program that partners Youthlinc with a variety of organizations in Salt Lake County. Real Life provides active, practical, after-school programming to teens, tween with refugee or immigrant status in Utah.

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Tips from a Travel Pro: Staying Healthy & Safe

By Jordan Taylor, Youthlinc International Service Director

14,016 – That is the number of passenger aircrafts in the air the moment I sat down to write this article. Traveling abroad is no longer just a line item on everyone's bucket list but it’s finally being crossed off. Chances are you’re about to find yourself catching a flight in the near future, so what are you doing to keep yourself healthy, safe, and happy on your next adventure?

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Safe Food

Real Life Scholarship for Refugee and Immigrant Students

Over the past few years in Real Life, many students have indicated that they want to go to college and have a decent job, but in reality there are many barriers that hinder them from following through on that dream. Because of this, Real Life implemented a new college preparation curriculum aimed at preparing high school students for post-secondary education.

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Spotlight: Madi Sudweeks

Madi Sudweeks

Youthlinc’s mission is to create lifetime humanitarians. We believe that the key to doing this is instilling a love and desire to serve in everyone that participates in our program. Students discover Youthlinc in a number of ways, some through hearing about experiences friends have had on the trips, some through family members, and some through their own research. One thing they all have in common...

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