In the daylight hours, the Youthlinc office surroundings appear ordinary, but as the sun dips below the horizon, and the world outside grows quiet, something peculiar happens. The office comes to life with eerie occurrences that defy explanation. 

Standing tall against the backdrop of time, the ancient smokestack tower on Brickyard Road stands as a haunting relic of the early pioneer days. In those distant years, this place was bustling with activity, as numerous individuals toiled tirelessly. However, the smokestack also bears witness to the grim toll of all who passed away at the Brickyard. 

Within the walls of the Youthlinc office, when all the staff have gone, a symphony of unsettling sounds fills the air. Rattling noises echo through empty corridors, lights flicker ominously, and the distant, ghostly echoes of toilets flushing reverberate despite the absence of any living soul nearby. The atmosphere becomes charged with an unsettling feeling of someone staring at you upon those who find themselves alone in the office. Chills slither down spines, and cold spots materialize, as if the very essence of the past lingers and perhaps, even reaching out to the present. 

Among the many eerie nights that befell Youthlinc’s office, none were as chilling as Halloween night that would forever haunt the memories of the staff. On this fateful night, when the veil between the worlds grew thin, a brave staff member, the last one to leave, found themselves alone in the office after everyone else had departed to celebrate the holiday. 

With a sense of uneasiness, the staff member closed up the office, turning off all the lights and preparing to leave. As they glanced back through the office doors, their eyes widened in sheer terror. Standing in the middle room of the office was a spectral figure—a woman in a long, white dress, her long hair waved in an invisible breeze, and her voice lulling the staff member back towards the office. 

In that heart-stopping moment, fear gripped the staff member’s soul. In a desperate bid to escape the clutches of the ghost, the staff member summoned the unfailing antidote: with a trembling voice, they screamed, “I HAVE EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!” The unexpected proclamation shattered the ghost’s trance, allowing the staff member to break free, fleeing the office and the haunting echoes of Halloween night. 

(Seriously, ask your favorite staff about it!)