By: Justin Powell

Youthlinc would like to thank Key Bank for supporting our groundbreaking event as a sponsor!  Due to their generosity, all costs associated with the event were covered and all donations made by our donors are going directly to the community center’s construction.

Key Bank has been supporting Youthlinc for the past three years and also often helps support the Annual Benefit in a similar fashion.  Key Bank strives to be a partner with the organizations they support. They are focused on preparing individuals for thriving futures, of which Youthlinc’s mission of creating lifetime humanitarians is a strong component. 

Key Bank has five core values that guide their work and Youthlinc is proud to be a partner with them:

  • Diversity and Inclusion. Key Bank prizes a culture where diversity is valued and inclusion is fostered.
  • Financial Capability. Key Bank invests in programs that help motivate and enable people to make sound financial decisions
  • Transformational Outcomes. Key bank seeks community partners innovative programs and approaches are designed that solve the community’s needs.
  • Measurable Impact. Key Bank expects rigorous reporting and that detail is proven about the impact of their investments in the community.
  • Sustainability: Key Banks seeks to create and maintain positive change over time with continual improvement.

Thank you, Key Bank, for your support!

Donor Profile: Key Bank
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