By: Tong Quang Nam 

I am Nam. I am writing this to send my great thanks to the organization for helping Buoc village’s residents recover and improve their living standards.

As a person who has spent years in Buoc village working and living with the people there, I am very thankful and impressed by Youthlinc’s assistance. Last year, after a massive landslide in Buoc village and its surrounding areas, the minority people suffered from seriously detrimental effects in terms of changing environment, disrupted transportation, harmed economies, to name but a few. The people’s irrigation system was, however, most notably affected due to its total dependence on the area’s topography. The system was entirely destroyed resulting in unfavorable conditions for rice cultivation and the reliance of more than 80 minority households on corn and peanuts ever since.

Nonetheless, there will always be the light at the end of the tunnel. For the first time since the breakdown of Covid-19 pandemic, there was an organization willing and ready to help the people in Buoc village reconstruct their irrigation system– Youthlinc! This action of volunteerism, generosity and bravery meant a lot to Mai Chau district generally and the people residing in Buoc village in particular.

On behalf of SJ Vietnam and the people there, I would like to thank Youthlinc for your assistance. Moreover, I would like to deliver my thanks to the organization. Youthlinc has been helping me fulfill my dream work that is to step by step support Buoc village’s people to have a better life.

Nam and SJ Vietnam team

The Buoc Village 2020 Construction in Vietnam
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