Max Bengtzen

I’m max bengtzen and me and my family have been involved with Youthlinc for over ten years. We as a family have traveled on eleven trips to six different international service sights as well as served countless hours locally with Youthlinc teams. From the perspective of a seventeen year old this is pretty cool but I didn’t fully realize the impact that Youthlinc had on me and my family until I got the opportunity to serve with Youthlinc personally. 

Last summer I had the opportunity to be part of the Fiji 1 team and let me tell you, it was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. At first I thought me and my team would be the ones serving the locals, not the other way around. As we carried out our various projects, the Fijian locals welcomed us into their village like we were family. They taught us local customs, traditions and overall, they showed us love. They showed me that we weren’t there to magically lift them out of poverty by building a school or by giving them money (although that helps) but that we were there to come together as two communities from different sides of the world to help each other. Once you show love for people who lead completely different lives as you, you understand the purpose of Youthlinc. They bring people together locally as well as internationally to help each other and to make the world a smaller and better place. From the mouth of a high school kid, Youthlinc is a special organization. It has provided me and my family with so much insight about different cultures and has helped us serve our own local community more than we ever normally would. I recommend becoming a part of Youthlinc team, we would love to have you

2019 Fiji Humanitarians
Student Spotlight: Max Bengtzen
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