We at Youthlinc were saddened to hear of the passing of Glen Bowen, a long-time member of the Youthlinc family.  Glen was a multi-time medical mentor, serving in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Madagascar; served on the Board of Directors from 2013-2016; helped us refine and stock our medical bags; got his children involved in Youthlinc, along with many other friends and associates.  He was a force of nature, propelled by his love for others and natural curiosity. 

Glen passed away February 23, 2020.  Professionally, he was a Professor of Dermatology and the Clinical Director of the Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Oncology Program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Glen is survived by his wife, Anneli, an angel on earth, and his three children: Quincy, Scott, and Zoe.  Each of them is a cherished member of the Youthlinc family, as well.  We love you and are grateful to add our shared memories to yours.

Glen’s impact on all those he interacted with as a volunteer at Youthlinc has left a lasting impression and legacy on the youth with whom he served.  Upon Glen’s passing, a number of Youthliners reached out with their stories and memories of Glen, including youth from around the world.  We would like to honor his memory with some of those.


Tsiri Albert Rakotoniaina

I met Dr. Geln Bowen while working with a team on a humanitarian project sponsored by Youthlinc. The group consisted of about 40 high school/college-aged Americans who went to Madagascar to build schools, plant gardens, and teach lessons in English, science, and health/sanitation. I was one of the translators.

Mr. Glen served as the medical director for the team, where he provided health care for the volunteers and taught health and science to school children, so I worked very closely with him for two weeks and have kept in touch with him via e-mail for two years. Mr. Glen Bowen is an outstanding man in all respects. He is very much engaged in helping people. I consider him as my Father, and I will never forget the act of salvation that he, his family, and Youthlinc have done to me.

I keep that record in my heart with this statement.

With his help, I was able to expand my educational background to help our community around the world, as Mr. Glen gave me a Spanish dictionary that I can serve other countries.

Mr. Glen’s family agreed to support me with my education and helped me to study in the United States at Brigham Young University and Ensign College.  The Bowen family supported my education because Mr. Glen stated that “I believe the best way to help a Malagasy Citizens is to educate native people who are committed to helping bring the nations out of poverty.”

Linh Hoang

I met Dr. Bowen during his Youthlinc trip to Vietnam in 2013.  During that trip, he told me about his life which made me learned so many interesting things. He was so gentle and a kind person.  He wrote me a beautiful letter before he left Vietnam encouraging me to follow my passions and to work hard.  I’ve still kept his letter and often read it as an encouragement to me.

Jessica & Colton Roueche

We loved Glen and having him on our trip to Vietnam.   His love for adventure was insatiable.  Every night, he and Colton would plan when they would go out to the ocean after dinner or before dinner, especially to see the bioluminescent algae in the water.

Glen would bring his iPad out and film the primary school children and then show them the videos. They’d laugh and giggle and swarm around him. They loved it.  It was fun to see. I strive to be half the person Glen was. He was truly a gifted man.

Honoring the Memory of Dr. Glen Bowen from Around the World
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