Welcome to our reflection on the incredible Youthlinc Service Year 2023! This past year has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with unforgettable adventures, profound connections, and life-changing moments. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and hear from our Service Year participants about their transformative experiences.

I. What we learned about service:

  1. I have learned that even the littlest of actions can change people’s lives. – Humanitarian, Fiji June 2023
  2. That people are grateful for you showing up for them no matter how big or small your act of service is. – Humanitarian, Vietnam 2023
  3. I have been humbled. I have been inspired. I have learned how far our thought, effort, and preparation can give in service to others. – Mentor, Cambodia 2023
  4. I learned that every minute helps and that there is so much I can do to make a difference. – Humanitarian, Thailand 2023
  5. I have learned that the service I perform not only benefits those I intend on helping but benefits me even more for how fulfilling the relationships we created are. – Humanitarian, Cambodia 2023
  6. I’ve learned that service is given to the community, but also the community gives back so much to us. – Alum, Nepal 2023
  7. I learned that service makes you happy and that I can be a part of something awesome. – Humanitarian, Vietnam 2023
  8. The main takeaway I have is that the people we are volunteering for have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them. – Alum, Nepal 2023
  9. Service comes in many different forms. I have learned that slowing way down and truly listening can be extremely impactful. – Mentor, Fiji July 2023
  10. What I learned is that I feel complete joy going out and helping people. – Humanitarian, Cambodia 2023
  11. I’ve learned how much it means to those who you serve just by being there to help them. – Humanitarian, Kenya 2023
  12. Small things can make huge impacts. – Humanitarian, Nepal 2023

II. Our most impactful experiences on the international service trip:

  1. Going on home visits was my most impactful experience. Seeing the happiest family I’ve ever seen was so eye-opening. Often I fall into little anxieties that make me unhappy. Learning how easy it is to be happy from the people of the village has been so beautiful. I want to pursue a happier life. – Humanitarian, Thailand 2023
  2. The most impactful experiences I had on this trip were during home visits. Seeing the way they lived and had so little but they were still so happy. They kept trying to give me food and drinks no matter how little they had. They taught me I can be happy in very hard situations. – Humanitarian, Vietnam 2023
  3. My most impactful experience was learning about the Fijian culture and making connections. The women in the village welcomed me with open arms and they wiped my tears on the last night. The men laughed and danced with us during construction and were so kind. And finally, the kids. The kids impacted my entire view on life and what is important. – Humanitarian, Fiji June 2023
  4. During Days for Girls, the teacher informed us about rape during the summer. Girls would be raped in the tall corn fields. Many of the girls are my sister’s age so hearing about how common rape was made me think of her. It made me want to do more to help. – Humanitarian, Kenya 2023
  5. My most impact experience was not necessarily an experience that I had with the locals in Nepal. It was witnessing the youth I was mentoring come together, work, and become friends in service. To watch them grow even over these two short weeks was a blessing worth every dime spent and hours invested. – Mentor, Nepal 2023
  6. My most impactful moment was when we visited the village that was the previous service site. I saw the village was still using the sewing machines and had greatly improved. This showed me how real what we do is. – Humanitarian, Peru 2023
  7. The most impactful experience for me was a connection I made with a little girl named Linda, from the village. I’d been hoping I’d find someone in need of love and support and that I’d be able to give it to them in the ways they needed. Then I met Linda. She ended up taking me to her house to meet her family and as I got to know her, I realized that she didn’t feel appreciated by her family. She needed someone to really see her and compliment her and love her. I think we connected so well because I feel that way, too. By the end of the trip, Linda had my heart. – Alum, Cambodia 2023
  8. One of the most impactful experiences of the trip for me was being able to attend soap making. This is my 4th Youthlinc trip and I have never seen a group of people so excited to learn a vocational skill. It was AMAZING and so fun to experience their enthusiasm. – Mentor, Vietnam 2023
  9. Something I found to be very impactful was traveling on different home visits to check on Yotuhlinc water filters that had been left there a couple of years ago. It was amazing to see how much of an impact the filters had made on people’s lives. – Alum, Nepal 2023
  10. The impact the people on my team have made is something that will never go away. So many different experiences with so many different individuals. I couldn’t have asked for better people on this trip coming into my life. – Humanitarian, Cambodia 2023

III. Our most rewarding part of being part of the leadership team:

  1. Connecting with the team and being more invested in the experiences everyone had and seeing my work pay off was very rewarding as an alum leader. – Alum, Cambodia 2023
  2. I loved getting to be more involved in planning things because it made the service so much more rewarding! I also loved being pushed out of my comfort zone and growing, and making sure that everyone was seen and included. – Alum, Kenya 2023
  3. I loved seeing the students look up to me as an example and a person to come for help. I was both a friend and a leader. – Alum, Fiji June 2023
  4. After understanding how a service year works it was much easier to prepare for it. My English lesson was much better and was more satisfying I felt generally more prepared. I personally felt more gratitude for the people and the experience and the culture. I feel honored to be a part of Youthlinc and I think it gives incredible experiences that you wouldn’t ever be able to re-create if you were just traveling. – Alum, Nepal 2023
  5. Watching the humanitarians fall in love with the village and make true connections the same way I did my first trip. I loved being a person the humanitarians could come to for help, advice, or a hug. Like my ATLS were for me. – ATL, Fiji July 2023
  6. Seeing my students create the same connections I did my first year and making sure everyone got their hours in. – ATL, Fiji June 2023
  7. My absolute favorite part was watching the students connect meaningfully with the people in Peru. They worked so hard to get there, and they loved being there! – ATL, Peru 2023
  8. When people on the team tell me how they love talking to me or that this trip and service year has changed their life. – ATL, Thailand 2023

We are filled with gratitude and pride for the unforgettable Youthlinc Service Year 2023. The remarkable adventures, the friendships forged, and the transformative moments experienced have left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who participated. We eagerly look forward to the journeys that lie ahead, as we continue our mission of creating lifetime humanitarians. Join us for the next chapter! Join Youthlinc Service Year 2024! Registration opens August 15, 2023!

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Youthlinc Service Year 2023: A Year of Transformation and Connection
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